Shardae's Hustle

Shardae is a boutique owner and my personal style inspiration. I've had the honor of knowing her for more years than I can count. Our relationship has transcended a friendship and has turned into family. When I think of Shardae the song Hustle and Motivate by Nipsey Hussle immediately comes to my mind. She never lets anything stop her from reaching her goals. Her brand is a testament to believing in yourself and letting the work speak for itself.

You can find her on Instagram @shardaisy, Youtube, and shop with her @shopshardaisy.

What does "Stand in Your Shade" mean to you?

To stand in my shade means to be proud of myself in all realms. To be proud of being a Black woman and all that entails. To be proud of my purpose and to be proud while I’m on the journey of fulfilling it.

Who inspires you and why?

I’m inspired by two people. One being Myleik Teele, the owner of CurlBox. She has a podcast where she recounts her life experiences in regards to life, love, and business, where she gives REAL advice. Now that I’m an entrepreneur I always hear her voice in my head saying “give it time.” The second, being Nipsey Hussle. He was very smart, resourceful, and of course a hustler. Which I can relate to. I’m inspired by how much he read and how well-versed he was in so many topics. I watch interviews with him a lot because I feel like there’s always something I can learn from him.

Shades focuses on love, success, ambition, and joy. What do you need more of and what are you thriving in?

I’m thriving in success and ambition. I need to be more conscious of love and joy.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten or your favorite quote?

"Slow and steady wins the race" or "The highest human act is to inspire."

How does your identity/background impact the work that you do?

Being a Black woman impacts the work I do because we always have to work twice as hard. So being conscious of that makes me want to work hard, not to prove myself to white counterparts, but to show other Black women that we can literally have anything we desire and we can create the life of our dreams.

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