Senior Year


“Though he slay me yet will I trust him.”

I heard this verse for the first time at my sorority conference. A sister was telling me about how it spoke to her and she needed to print it on a shirt as her testimony. I bought it (only because it matched some new shoes honestly) but then my mom did some research on the verse and it came up in a podcast. I knew it was a sign. The podcast was from Bishop TD Jakes and it was about quitting before you have even started. Even though you think God might be treating you unfairly you don’t know the whole plan and you will understand it one day. If you give up before God thinks you’re ready for what you are fighting for then you’ll never receive it.  I’ve had a lot of instances where I have questioned God only to watch everything fall into place. I have also had situations I still don’t completely understand but I have been able to heal from.

I’ve decided that this verse is going to get me through this school year. Every time I feel “slayed” I am going to remember the awesome God I serve and that everything happens for a reason. With that being said I created a list of goals for this semester that I want to follow. I think it is important to make a list of goals and keep them somewhere visible so that when times get hard you can see what you are working towards. College is arguably the best/most stressful time of your life, keeping a clear head is necessary for your success. As I take my walks across the campus of Miami U for the last year I will reflect on the times I’ve had and let the prepare me for the future.

Love and Honor,



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