It’s been a while since I’ve done a confidence chronicles post (mostly because I’ve been in my flat these last couple of weeks) but last weekend I went to Scotland with my friend Jourdan. While I’ll admit traveling with someone else is easier than traveling alone it was still a small challenge for me.

Edinburgh is a small town full of history, amazing architecture and HILLS. The amount of walking we did made me sleep like a baby every night in the hotel. We also decided to a 6-mile hike up Arthurs seat to see the sun rise and that was the biggest challenge to my confidence in myself. It was dark and I wanted to give up and go home so many times on the 45-minute hike up there but I pushed myself. The trail was steep, muddy and covered in rocks. We had the hardest time finding our way to the actual top but we made it just in time to see the sunrise! I cant say it’s something I’ll ever do again but I definitely enjoyed it and it’s a great story to tell.

Check out my Vlog below if you want to see more of my adventures in Scotland!


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