Representation is not Racism

The honey pot is a Black Owned Plant-Based Feminine Care company. Owner Beatrice Feliu-Espada was featured in a Target commercial talking about how difficult it was to start the company and how she wants to advocate for Black women and girls.

Since the commercial aired there have been many people giving the company negative reviews on trust-pilot.


For starters, racism is an institution. Present-day racism was built on inequity in resources and problematic beliefs. It is a system that comes with a broad range of policies and institutions that keep it in place. If you don't understand that I encourage you to consult with google about it.

Next, Major brands like Kotex and Always are being run by majority white leadership. These products have chemicals and toxins that are harmful to vagina owners. The honeypots website says "Made by Humans with Vaginas, for Humans with Vaginas". It doesn't say for Black women only. She also took the important step of being Gender Inclusive! This was an opportunity to celebrate a woman making a change in an industry who has neglected our health in the name of profit but instead people called her racist and tried to defame her business through reviews on a product they never used.

I’ve also seen other women of color critiquing the companies message saying “If I said my product was for only x people I would be racist”

No, you would not.

Representation is so important for all marginalized groups. And I find it funny that whenever something is for Black women instead of all People of Color it's an issue but when its another POC group celebrating their own that energy is not the same. If you want to be in these spaces create them just like so many Black women have had to do! If you really care about POC solidarity support this woman and explain to your networks why this commercial and her work are necessary. While we may be grouped together by some we have our own unique experiences and deserve our own spaces.

Research was recently published that shows while Black women are starting businesses faster than any racial group and they are receiving little to no funding in most cases. According to the Federal Reserve System’s 2016 Small Business Credit Survey, Black women are more likely than their non-minority peers to identify access to credit as a challenge. In venture capital, men still get the lion’s share of funding, with only 2% of capital going to U.S.-based female-only founder teams, according to PitchBook. Of the 2%, women of color get only a fraction. Watching that commercial gave me a Black woman hope that if I keep trying I can break through that ceiling and have my own business.

I challenge anyone who had a negative reaction to the honeypot commercial to sit down and truly examine why. Does it force you to acknowledge the inequality that Black women face? Does it make you question what is being done in your community to level the playing field? I just really want everyone to do better. Black women deserve so much better.


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