Natural Hair and Self-Love.

It’s been a little over one year since I cut all my permed hair off! Not because I was passionate about the #NaturalHairMovement but because perms sucked. And between living in the middle of nowhere in college, and all the stress I was going through my hair just couldn’t deal.

After I cut my hair I was slightly horrified. I never realized how much of my confidence was tied into my hair. Everyone I saw who went natural talked about how happy and free they felt but I just wanted to crawl under a rock.

The only things that got me through were my favorite Youtuber and my mom. I found that I could agree with what JaeMajette felt. Initially, she hated her hair and it was an adjustment for her. Now she’s a poppin naturalista and always my hair goals.

My mom is very patient with me even though I drive her crazy. I call her at least once a week saying I want to take my hair down or I want to get a protective style. She cut her hair 2 or 3 years ago and has pretty much got styling down so she does my hair whenever I ask. She makes me feel beautiful even when I don’t think so.

For the first time, I can say I love my natural hair. I still have days where I feel insecure about it but not as much as before. If you check my Instagram there are way more pictures of me in protective styles than not until more recently. I kept telling myself “once it gets longer I’ll like it” but that was BS. I had to find a way to appreciate my hair and how I look NOW.  My hair wasn’t the issue, it was a lack of self-love. I needed to believe I was beautiful regardless of what was on my head.

In hindsight, I look back at those pictures and wish I would have appreciated my short hair more. Short hair is fierce!

To my girls who are still adjusting to loving your curls, I feel you, I’m with you, and may the Youtube styles be ever in your favor.

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