My 2018 starts today.

January was a bit of a rough patch for me. I felt like I was struggling to get stable when I came back to London after being home for so long. I kept jokingly telling people I’m going to start 2018 in February but I meant it. Along with doing things to challenge myself with #ConfidenceChronicles, I am also going to set short-term goals and write a letter to myself about how to achieve them at the beginning of the month. If you’re someone who finds yourself getting lost in the big picture I encourage you to join me and tag me in your posts! 

My goals for February:

  1. Make and stick to a budget

  2. Make an effort to not spend so much time in my flat

  3. Increase traffic to my website

  4. Go to yoga at least once a week

  5. Read more

Dear Tia,

We got off to a rough start this year. Obstacles were coming from all sides, and while they were small the amount got to be overwhelming. It’s okay because you made it through January! There’s nowhere to go but up from here. I’ve decided that your 2018 starts today. February marks the beginning of being the change you want to see. We are going to keep the faith, quiet self-doubt and make our dreams come true.


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