Learning in Love

I’ve been seeing this sentiment floating around on social media phrased in one way or another. It bothers me because being with someone is a learning experience. When you decide to be in a relationship with someone it is important to acknowledge that you two may have different ideas of what love is and how to show it.

“The right one will know exactly what to do and when to do it.”

This idea doesn’t encourage you to give your partner grace and learn them just like they should learn you.

How would they know you think that gifts are important? Or that you would rather text all day than only hear from them after work?

You can’t fault someone for not doing something if you never told them it was important to you. I used to be really annoyed with my boyfriend because he never posted me until I realized he never posts anything! He doesn’t place value in social media and that’s okay. But if I would have blown up on him instead of understanding it would have caused unnecessary drama.

I know that opening up in this way isn’t easy at all, it’s hard to know when someone is really invested or just passing time. Start slow. If the person you’re with puts in the effort to meet your needs and even compromise, that shows they may be worth the more vulnerable conversations.

I understand that this tweet may be directed to situations where people aren’t consistent but I also see how this could hurt budding relationships.

Teach people how to love you, everyone doesn’t just ‘get it.’


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