Hello March

March is here! But from the look of the snow in London, you wouldn’t know it.

Keeping with my goal for the year I had to sit down and think about what goals I want for the month. Let’s start by evaluating my February goals:

  1. Make and stick to a budget

  2. Make an effort to not spend so much time in my flat

  3. Increase traffic to my website

  4. Go to yoga at least once a week

  5. Read more

Umm… yeah. None of this happened, well some of it did.

  1. I did make a budget, and I think I stuck to it but I really didn’t keep track to make sure.

  2. I definitely got out more in February! (Check out my Confidence Chronicles posts to see more.)

  3. Unfortunately, traffic did not increase to my website but I still received a lot of feedback on the things I wrote.

  4. I swapped out yoga for the gym – hot yoga started to make me feel like I was going to pass out and I didn’t like that.

  5. Thanks to all the essays I had to write – reading more did happen.

For March I am going to focus less on the numbers and more on feeling good.

  1. Limit my social media use to an hour a day.

  2. Wake up earlier and create a solid morning routine

  3. Only publish blog posts I’m in love with

  4. Dress up every day (Look good feel good right?)

Dear Tia,

I know. It’s already March. Your time in London is coming to an end even though it doesn’t feel like it. You spend a lot of your time saying “I can’t wait to go home” or making plans for when you’re stable again. I want you to spend more time enjoying the journey instead of focusing on the destination. This goes for every aspect of your life. Growth doesn’t happen overnight and that’s okay. Let’s live in March instead of getting through March.

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