Fairwell London

In a couple days I will go back to my life as a citizen of the USA. (sigh.) Whenever I mention that to someone back home one of the questions they ask is “How has London changed you?” I’ve been thinking about this question since April and I’ve finally come up with my answer.

It hasn’t.

At first, I thought it made me more confident or strong but I was already all of those things. If I wasn’t I would have never moved here in the first place.

While London hasn’t changed me, it’s showed me who I can be when I get out of my own way.

Before I moved here I would say I wasn’t confident. It takes confidence to stand in front of people you don’t know and talk about why psychology is important to you. It takes confidence to ask someone you’ve never met to hire you as an intern in a field you’ve never worked in. It takes confidence to go to events on your own and hope you meet people while you’re there.

Before I moved here I would say I was a loner. In friendships, relationships and even asking for help in the classroom. And while my introvert nature will never go away I know that there’s strength in vulnerability and support systems get you through the hard times.

Before I moved here I would say I wasn’t smart, I was lucky. Now I’m in touch with my imposter syndrome and I catch my self-sabotaging ways before they impact me too much. I understand the difference between being humble and selling myself short.

This past year has shown me that I can do anything, and I can’t wait to take this new outlook on life into the next chapter.

Until next time, London.

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