Confidence Chronicles | A Day Party

Every girl has had this moment:

You walk into the bathroom to make sure you still look okay from hours of dancing and you hear someone say “oh my gosh I love that dress” or “I love your hair!” You look over and you’ve never seen this girl in your life but suddenly you’re best friends.

You start to exchange gossip, complain about men and how your shoes are killing your feet.

I am convinced that drunk girls in bathrooms are angels and I met one this weekend.

I went to a day party and I felt Good. Better than I’ve felt in a very long time.

While in the bathroom, I took part in the female ritual explained above when a girl walked up to me and said: “I love your hair!”

My response: “I’m glad because I hate it”

… *Facepalm*

This is a terrible habit I am in the process of breaking. It comes out every time like a reflex and I was even more baffled by my response because I actually liked my hair that day! I was embarrassed because I just made a compliment awkward and I don’t even know why that came out of my mouth.

But in true drunk-girl-in-bathroom fashion, she didn’t think I was a weirdo! She grabbed my hands went straight into loving mode.


I thanked her again and we went our separate ways.

A while later she walked up to me again. “I’ve been looking for you! I couldn’t stop thinking about our talk in the bathroom. There was a point in my life where it was so hard for me to love myself and I just want you to know it gets better. I just wish you could see yourself through my eyes”

Now I’m standing there trying to hold back my tears after my 5th glass of prosecco because I was not expecting to have someone go full Iyanla Vanzant on me in the middle of a party.

To that girl, I say thank you, not only for the compliment but for taking the time out to make that connection with me. You probably haven’t thought about it since but you made my day.


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