Blogger Appreciation!

When I first decided to do this post my brain automatically went to all of the big names I love so much and while I’ll scream I love them to anyone who listens I know how difficult blogging can be when you feel like you have no support so without further delay here are my favorite bloggers!


I could never start a list like this without her. Not only is she my Bossfriend but she’s an amazing fashion blogger. She is a self-proclaimed #DreamChaser and just one look at her blog will show you that’s the perfect way to describe her. She made her mark in Detroit and just recently killed it at NYFW. What can I say? I’m her biggest fan.


TGNT aka my girl Tori is the waviest person you will ever meet and her site shows that. Her good vibes and the way she thinks about everyday occurrences makes me want to pop on her Spotify playlist and improve all of my work. I can’t wait to see how TNGT Tuesdays expands into a movement.

Sierra Shante (Fine Black Foodie)

Sierra is the nicest person I’ve never met! We connected on Twitter and she’s one of my favorite people to interact with. Fine Black Foodie takes food blogging to another level. I will get trapped in her posts and Instagram account. (Her pictures have made me break a diet a few times)

Gabrielle Hickmon (The Reign XY)

Only from interacting with her on Twitter I see the strong woman she is. The parts of her life she chooses to share are so inspirational and encouraging especially as someone in Grad school.  Her creation, The Reign XY embodies everything I think a blogging platform should be and what I hope abriae becomes one day. It has spotlights on women who are doing the damn thing, creative interpretations of music, television, and issues we all face as 20-somethings.


I’ve had a girl crush on Wanna forever, to be honest. She has this way with words that I’m fascinated by.  I appreciate the perspective she gives as a dark skin woman in the areas of culture and music. Not to mention she has #PrettyGirlsChat that brings different types of women together to motivate and inspire.

Takeia Cage (Unashamed Queens)

Unashamed Queens spoke to me as soon as I found it! I am a strong believer in taking care of yourself and her blog is about just that. My anxiety often manifests in feelings of shame and guilt so finding a blog that empowers women and inspires them to drop those feelings means so much to me.

M.C. Walker

Another woman I’ve been admiring from the TL for awhile, her creativity inspires me so much. Not only is she a blogger, she’s also a published author, a podcast host and a mom! She is proof that women can do anything. Her newsletter always drops the best gems of knowledge and if you don’t subscribe you should!

I appreciate you all for showing me how to live in your truth and share it with the world.

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