Blk Girl Daily Interview ( And a Giveaway!)

I got the honor of being interviewed by one of my favorite websites Blk Girl Daily! This reminded me that someone is always rooting for you no matter how you feel about yourself. I was asked a bunch of amazing questions about blogging, having my own brand, and entrepreneurship.   Some of the questions included:

How important is entrepreneurship to you as a black woman?

Entrepreneurship is a goal for me but I also have passions that reside in the “9-5 world”. There’s this pressure from social media to not work for ‘The Man’ but I think that’s important to recognize everyone may not have that dream and that’s okay. *Steps down of soapbox*

I’m currently working on a business plan with my mom and I want nothing more for that business to be successful. I am still going to chase my “9-5” dream of being an academic researcher because I think it’s important to have more Black women in those spaces. Plus I don’t believe in having to choose, I can do it all.

Have you ever turned down someone who wanted to collaborate with you?

Yes, I’ve turned down some brands and photographers I didn’t know. I did it because I felt like they didn’t want to collab with ME, they just wanted to collab with anyone. If I’m ever a brand ambassador for a company I want it to be because they saw something in me specifically and I was just as inspired by them as a brand.

Who are your role models?

My first will always be my mother because she showed me the definition of hard work and dedication. She was a single mom but managed to get 3 degrees and continues to strive for greatness in every area of her life. I am motivated to succeed because she’s given me so much and I want to be able to do the same. She’s my best friend and refused to make an Instagram unless I did it with her!

My second is Janelle Monae because she lives her life for her. She makes music that she loves, she dresses for herself and she doesn’t care to be labeled. She is a constant reminder of how amazing life can be when we are unapologetic in the pursuit of what makes us happy.

Click the link below to read the entire interview:

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