A break in communication isn’t a break in a relationship

I know you’re thinking “Yes it is Tia.” but hear me out: When I say break I mean a short pause (yes I am aware that short is a relative term) and when I say relationship I don’t mean intimate ones. I’m talking about close friends who we know just as well as we know ourselves.

As an only child, I am accustomed to being alone and I actually like it most of the time. It is difficult for me to be a consistent communicator and I think that’s why. I don’t believe that you have to talk to someone every day or they don’t care about you. People have lives and are fighting their own battles, sometimes they just need to be alone.

I reached out to someone the other day who I haven’t talked to in a while and their response is “I’m not checking in on people who don’t check in on me”

This made me upset because to me, that’s logic you use with that shitty guy who never texts you back or the friend that always flakes on your plans, not someone who’s supposed to be close to you. The moment never came where they thought “Let’s check in on Tia, she’s by herself in London and she might be lonely.” I could have just as easily said the same thing about them.

I think it’s important to realize everyone is living their own lives and cut each other some slack! We hold our friends to such high standards sometimes and forget that life can get in the way of texting back sometimes.

A lack of communication doesn’t always mean something has changed in your relationship. If you are thinking about someone you haven’t talked to in a while just call them. Phones work both ways and relationships take two people to maintain them. Being intentionally distant and ignoring someone because you were the last to text back isn’t going to help anyone. So if you’re intentionally not talking to a person because they’re not talking to you, stop to think about what they could be going through and reconsider reaching out.

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