“Yeah I worked, lead organizations and still got my degree but that’s what you’re supposed to do” “I graduated but it was only a degree in psychology” “I moved to London but it’s really not that big of a deal. My program is only a year. I might not even pass” “I got some followers but my blog will never be what I want it to be”

In 2017 I worked really hard on being self-aware, sometimes to a fault.

I have extremely high standards for myself and I’m glad, but sometimes constantly thinking about myself and the image I portray can cause me to be self-conscious. It’s hard to get myself out of that self-deprecating hole once I’m in it.

Using the term self-aware is something that I decided to do this year but I have always been introspective.

From a young age, I always wondered about what people thought of me, if things I said were taken the way I meant them and if plans I had for myself would work out. At the time I thought this was weird but after learning about self-awareness I see this can be a strength.

Self-awareness to me is being reflective of my values, actions, and emotions, how they impact me, as well as how they impact others.

I am grateful for this because it helps me analyze my feelings and actions towards others. Sometimes I look too deep into an action or conversation and it causes me to feel insecure about a relationship when the person meant no harm.

When this happens I have to sit down and ask myself, “Is this really a problem or is your insecurity making it one?” Answering this one question gives me the foundation to work on the issue and continue with my day.

In 2018 I am working on being confident.

2018 me will say: “I worked my ass off and got my degree!” “I moved to London to follow my dreams.” “I blog because it makes me happy and gives me an outlet. If one person reads my work and likes it then I’ve done my job.”

I’ve learned that for me Self-awareness and self-confidence go hand in hand. While I struggle to find balance with them daily I know progress will come with time.

 Here’s to 2018- The year of confidence.

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